Scientific paper ID 2162 : 2021/3

Ivan Kolarov1, Plamen Tashev2

Ultrasonic examination of inaccuracies in layers in samples of aluminum alloys (plate with a thickness of 4 mm from alloy A5083 and plate with a thickness of 12 mm from alloy A6061) treated by friction stir is presented in this paper. A dual sensor with working frequency 5 MHz and an ultrasonic flaw detector has been used for testing. Defects in the layers registered in the process of control of the samples have been illustrated.

Reflected echoes with amplitude different from the amplitude of the main signal are searched for. Significant reflections from imperfections in the studied layers were registered. Additional research shows that they are due to imperfections along the layer. No reflection from the plastically deformed surface was registered.

The obtained results will find application in the evaluation of the processing modes by rubbing and mixing of samples of similar materials in order to select optimal ones and avoid incompleteness.

нецялостности обработка чрез триене и размесване ултразвуково изследване алуминиеви сплавиincompleteness friction stir welds ultrasonic testing aluminum alloysIvan Kolarov Plamen Tashev


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