Scientific paper ID 2161 : 2021/3

Nikolay Tonchev, Ilia Zyumbilev, Nikolay Hristov

In the study of nitrided steel ВН11 a planned experiment was carried out, one of the studied quantities being the heat resistance of the steel. This parameter is important for the performance of such a test object. Regression equations are derived, which are analyzed using our own methodology. A complex connection between the heat resistance and the phase composition has been established, with the help of which the adequacy of the used approach is substantiated.

йонно азотиране оптимален режим топлоустойчивост ВН11 дебелина на свързаната зона при азотиранеion nitriding optimal regime heat resistance BH11 thickness of the bound zone during nitriding.Nikolay Tonchev Ilia Zyumbilev Nikolay Hristov


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