Scientific paper ID 2158 : 2021/3

Ivan Kolarov

The coefficient of concentration in friction stir welded flat samples of aluminum alloy 6061 was studied in the work, that appear in result of imperfections in the weld. The research is carried out by specialized engineering products for obtaining a stress in machine elements by setting the geometric dimensions and external load and elastic properties of the material from which they are made. The imperfections has been modeled with the shape and orientation according to the real imperfections in samples. In additional, the shape of imperfections is idealized. The research was carried out for a weld with flat walls formed in the process of production and with a structure very similar to that of the welded elements. The stress in the areas around the imperfections was measured in a software environment. The maximum equivalent stress is taken into account and the stress concentrations in these zones are obtained. Values for the coefficient in the range 2.4 - 2.7 have been calculated. The results obtained are illustrative and should be taken into account generally construction of friction stir welded aluminum alloys.

коефициент на концентрация заварени чрез триене и размесване алуминиеви сплавиstress concentrator concentration factor friction stir welded aluminum alloys.Ivan Kolarov


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