Scientific paper ID 2149 : 2021/3

Martin Zlatkov

The subject ”High Voltage Engineering” is mandatory in the curriculum of

higher education institutions that study energy. This s an illustration of some of the

processes that take place during the operation of high voltage equipment. These processes

could be partially recreated in a training laboratory with the help of special equipment. High

voltage test systems are an integral part of the equipment of a modern laboratory for ”High

Voltage Engineering”. The Cockcroft-Walton generator is often used where the use of high

DC voltage is d.

The report describes how the cascade voltage multiplier is made. The basic and

assembly schemes, according to which the facility is realized, are given. The circuit of the

generator provides symmetrical bipolar high voltage, which in about 15 seconds reaches

5.7kV per arm. Balancing and current limiting resistors are added to the circuit. The task of

balancing is to equalize the voltages on the capacitors and subsequently to dilute the residual

voltages after shutting down the system.

The high voltage generator will be used for high voltage tests in the future laboratory

of ”High Voltage Engineering” at the Higher School of Transport ”Todor Kableshkov” The

aim is to create good opportunities for exercises in the discipline ”High Voltage Engineering”

with students and acquaintance with the device and the principle of operation of the voltage

multiplier, as well as use of the prototype as a source of high supply voltage for other test


ТВН техника на високите напрежения лаборатория изпитвателна високоволтова уредба трекингоустойчивост пропълзяващ ток пробив изолация изолатор импулсин генератор искроустойчивост дъгоустойчивостHigh voltage equipment high voltage laboratoryMartin Zlatkov


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