Scientific paper ID 2127 : 2021/3

Ivo Gadzhov

The main goal of the road network research is to ensure safe traffic. The integrity of the road surface (pavement) and its shape are essential for traffic safety. The deterioration of the quality of the road pavements in the process of exploitation is due to the following factors: traffic, poor design, poor execution of construction and / or repairs, the admission of vehicles with more weight than planned for the road, poorly studied earth bed, lack of adequate drainage, etc. An important part of the maintenance of the road network is the construction and maintenance of a database that objectively reflects its current condition. The data should information from studies performed on deformations on the road pavements greater than 5 mm, for hard road pavements and greater than 10 mm, for elastic-plastic road pavements. Plastic deformations on the road pavements can also be used to classify the potential movement of the ground base (ground bed) of the road, and the calculation must the specific characteristics of the road pavements, as well as its strength criteria design. Based on various measurements, research and analysis, a specific procedure may be proposed to assess the condition of a given road or street. The results of the conducted measurements and researches, as well as the subsequent analyzes are the basis for making various objective decisions, for repairs of the road and / or for its maintenance, rehabilitation, etc. The regular research of the condition of the road is the basis of the choice of the most optimal type of repair and the most appropriate time for its implementation, respectively for the adoption of the most economical technical solutions.

пътища улици измерване изследване деформации оценка на пътната настилка поддържане ремонт текущо състояние база данни пътни настилки.roads streets measurement research deformations assessment of the road pavements maintenance repair curIvo Gadzhov


[1] Nikolov Hr., Atanasova M. „Otsenka na zemnite premestvaniya v urbanizirani i promishleni rayoni posredstvom DInSAR vremeva seriya“, X Natsionalna konferentsiya po geofizika, 04 yuni 2021g.
( [1] Николов Хр., Атанасова М. „Оценка на земните премествания в урбанизирани и промишлени райони посредством DInSAR времева серия“, X Национална конференция по геофизика, 04 юни 2021г. )




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