Scientific paper ID 2125 : 2021/3

Marin Jelev

The report examines and analyzes the maximum capacity of road intersections at one and two levels outside settlements depending on the classes of intersecting roads, design speed, horizontal and vertical geometry, type of roads of direct routes and their adjacent connections.

Simulation models have been prepared for the most common road interchanges in the Republic of Bulgaria at one and two levels, respectively - a type II intersection according to “Ordinance №РД-02-20-2 for road design” and a road junction “full cover”, as the maximum throughput of the respective facility has been determined. Special attention is paid to the lengths of the acceleration and deceleration lanes.

The conclusions of the report are given as guidelines for good practice in the design of road interchanges at one and two levels.

пътни възли на едно и две нива извън населени места пропускателна способностroad junctions on one and two levels outside settlements throughputMarin Jelev


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