Scientific paper ID 2124 : 2021/3

Dimitar Kaloshev, Bogdan Lozev, Mira Zafirova

Linear construction sites are performed under very complex conditions. On the one hand, they are designed to take their own weight and the weight of the intended road surface. In addition, they are affected by the dynamic load of passing vehicles. The external environment also has a significant impact on the construction sites - precipitation, air temperature, groundwater, type and properties of the construction soils.

Landslide processes are extremely complex and complex processes. These are emergencies that quick and quality removal of side effects. When choosing a particular technology, it is necessary to make an in-depth analysis of the technical and economic indicators for the different options.

Taking into account all the peculiarities of the external environment and the ments to the respective construction site allow the selection of the most efficient and appropriate design solutions that guarantee minimum labor, material and financial resources to ensure the necessary qualities of the foundation during operation.

Different technologies for landslide removal are considered and the impact of the selected technology on the main resources needed for the construction of the sites is analyzed.

организация на строителството технологияorganization of construction technologyDimitar Kaloshev Bogdan Lozev Mira Zafirova


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