Scientific paper ID 2115 : 2021/3

Emil M. Mihaylov 1), Dobrinka Atmadzhova 2)

”The model for quasi-static entry of a two-axle tram bogie in a curve” is a

supplement to ”Model for quasi-static entry in a curve of a railway two-axle crew”. The presence

of elastic elements in the joint between the hub and the rim allows the rim bracelet to

move relative to the hub. To the developed method for quasi-static entry of a railway biaxial

crew moving in a curved section of the road, taking into account the components of the sliding

speed and the tangential forces determined by them in the contact points ”wheel-rail”, the

rotation of the wheelsets in plan and angle of attack on the attacking wheelset, the features of

the tram wheels and bogies and the conditions of their work have been added. The developed

analytical apparatus is supplemented with the dependences arising from the structural features

of the wheels for vehicles intended for urban passenger transport. The obtained dependences

are convenient for studying the horizontal connections in the running gear of light rail

rolling stock (tram railcars), which are designed for modernization and construction of new

products and will lead to significant improvements in dynamic-running characteristics, reducing

the intensity of wear of the flanges and rails, increasing traffic safety and allowable

speeds, and reducing the costs and risks of breaking the rail tracks and the rolling stock. The

presented model shows the applicability for determining the characteristics of the tram bogies

and the possibility for its optimization.

трамвай талига квазистатично вписване контакт колело-релса.tram bogie quasi-static entry wheel-rail contact.Emil M. Mihaylov ) Dobrinka Atmadzhova )


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( [1] Атмаджова Д., Метод за определяне на характеристиките на буксовите връзки с ра- мата на талига за пътнически вагони, Дисертация, ВТУ „Тодор Каблешков“, София, 2000 г. )

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