Scientific paper ID 2114 : 2021/3

Goran Pavlović1), Mile Savković2), Nebojša B. Zdravković2), Goran Marković2)

Double-girder bridge cranes are widely used in manufacturing and

production facilities, especially for large load capacities and spans. In addition to the great

attention paid to the design of the main girders, end carriages also have a significant role and

responsibility, which ensures the stable movement of the main girders of the double-girder

bridge crane. The proper choice for the geometry of the cross-section of this structure is of

great importance, primarily in terms of rigidity and the connection of these structures with

the main girders. This research presents the analysis and optimization of the cross-section of

the end carriage of the double-girder bridge crane, depending on the input design

parameters. The presented model is justified and achieved significant savings in the material

are shown through the examples of existing solutions of double-girder bridge cranes. The

optimization process will be performed in the MATLAB software package, using the fmincon

function, which is proven to solve nonlinear engineering problems. Confirmation of the

obtained results will be shown using the SAP2000 software package.

крайна карета MATLAB оптимален дизайн SAP2000end carriage MATLAB optimal design SAP2000Goran Pavlović) Mile Savković) Nebojša B. Zdravković) Goran Marković)


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