Scientific paper ID 2106 : 2021/3

Veselin Grozdanov

The European Union, through its institutions, does not stop the fight against environmental pollution. Strategic documents are constantly published with ambitious goals of what we need to achieve in the next programming period. One of the most serious topics to deal with is urban mobility. A term that we encounter more and more often in our daily lives. Integrating all modes of transport into a single system and increasing the use of greener modes of transport by replacing private vehicles with public urban transport, cycling and walking, and others. Not only in Europe, but also in most developed countries, measures are being implemented to improve life in cities and agglomerations. The measures that are applied around the world are very diverse and it is difficult for us to successfully implement a working measure in Berlin in the city of Sofia. Of particular importance is the measures taken by the geographical area of the city itself to deal with the many problems of urban life. In 2013, a handbook was created aimed at all stakeholders, decision-makers at city or national level, and more. The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a strategic, long-term document designed to meet the mobility needs of people and businesses. In 2019, an update was made to the lessons learned over the years.

Планиране устойчивост градска мобилност правила градски транспорт.Planning sustainability urban mobility rules urban transport.Veselin Grozdanov


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