Scientific paper ID 2093 : 2021/3

Valentina Staneva

With the accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union (EU), the processes for harmonization of the national with the Community legislative acts started. The free movement of people, goods and capital, which is the basic foundation for the existence of the EU, is difficult to achieve when there are differences between the laws of the Member States. They can be overcome either by mutual recognition of existing national provisions or by harmonization where mutual recognition is not applicable.

The International Accounting Standards Board, which establishes and maintains IFRS, prepares the founding document Conceptual Framework. This framework presents the concepts that underlie the process of preparing and presenting the financial statements.

The objective of financial statements with general purpose is to provide financial information (assets, liabilities, equity, income and expenses) of the reporting transport undertaking that is useful to users of financial statements in making informed management decisions for efficiency and changes in its financial condition (changes in cash flows and equity). It is also necessary to create opportunities for evaluation of the activity of the management team regarding the management of the economic resources of the transport enterprise.

The purpose of this report is to analyze the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting from 2018 with a focus on the activities of transport companies applying the International Accounting Standards as an accounting basis.

концептуална рамка финансово отчитане счетоводна база елементи на финансовия отчет.Conceptual framework financial reporting accounting base elements of the financial statementValentina Staneva


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