Scientific paper ID 2087 : 2021/3

Kostadin Trifonov

Economic growth accompanied by the renewal of the railway network and rolling stock is a prerequisite for people to be more willing to travel by train. Passenger comfort is determined by a combination of physical and psychological factors. A person`s reaction to the environment in the vehicle depends on both the physical data and the individual characteristics, which means that both objective and subjective factors must be taken into account when assessing passenger comfort. A study was conducted to assess the criteria affecting passenger comfort in public suburban transport and the results were analyzed. To value something so subjective, a weighting method or an AHP-based method is used to determine the weight of each criterion. Applying the chosen method, the weights of the criteria are determined on the basis of a survey in the form of a survey. Thus determined weights of the individual criteria for comfort assessment are set in the evaluation of this indicator, which is a key element in using the Logit model for forecasting the distribution of passengers in suburban public transport. The results of the study will help to improve service and attract more passengers to suburban rail transport.

крайградски превози комфорт при пътуване с обществен транспорт показатели влияещи върху комфортното пътуване AHP моделsuburban transport comfort when traveling by public transport indicators affecting comfortable travel AHP methodKostadin Trifonov


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