Scientific paper ID 2081 : 2021/3

Stanislav Filip, Ľubica Filipová, Nadija Dubrovina

Authors of the article provide an analysis of progress on road safety in the Slovak Republic and selected EU member states with regards to the country strategic papers and strategic plan of the EU on road safety. The article focuses particularly on statistical data on the number of fatal road traffic crashes as well as causes of road traffic accidents. This article aims to analyse the strategic implementation process on road safety and indicate plausible causal development of crucial factors within the EU, in the Slovak Republic and selected Member States of the EU.

Пътна безопасност Стратегия на ЕС за пътна безопасност Национален план за пътна безопасност на Словашката Република Оценка на ситуацията на пътната безопасност в Словашката Република.Road safety EU road safety strategy National Road Safety Plan of tStanislav Filip Ľubica Filipová Nadija Dubrovina


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