Scientific paper ID 2077 : 2021/3

Zoran Čekerevac1, Zdenek Dvorak2, Lyudmila Prigoda3

Electric vehicles are increasingly being cited as the ideal solution to reduce environmental pollution, but all pollution factors are rarely considered. In addition to exhaust emissions, this paper also considered other most important elements. It analyzes some basic characteristics of potential fuels for internal combustion engines, as well as possible sources of electricity. Then, a comparative analysis of the driving and environmental characteristics of cars powered by fossil fuels and electricity is done. The research has shown that the use of electric vehicles in cases of obtaining electricity from coal from the environmental aspect is not justified. The research also analyzed the economic aspects of the application of electric vehicles. Within the conclusions of the research, some more radical solutions have been proposed for reducing air pollution and improving the quality of life in cities.

бензин дизел пропан-бутан (LPG) компресиран природен газ (CNG) електрически автомобил разход на гориво екология емисии на CO2.gasoline diesel LPG CNG electric car fuel consumption ecology CO2 emission.Zoran Čekerevac Zdenek Dvorak Lyudmila Prigoda


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