Scientific paper ID 2048 : 2020/3

Emiliya Dimitrova, Svetlin Stefanov

Real-time positioning systems are increasingly used in various areas of the economy. Their development in recent years has experienced significant growth and the need for more accurate and precise equipment is increasing. Navigation instruments are becoming more widespread due to the development of contemporary measuring and computing technologies and information measuring systems. This report discusses the possibilities for optimizing and increasing positioning accuracy with the help of software optimization. Data from one receiver has been used, which has been processed using the Matlab software product according to different calculation procedures. An algorithm for calculating the radius of the circle, which covers 50% of the reports and is related to the accuracy of the measurement, has been developed. The results are processed and analyzed and the advantages and areas of application of the proposed method are indicated. Accuracy increases in calculations with the use of a larger number of reports, as well as by adding to them values from previous calculations. When determining the algorithm for each specific object, its speed must be taken into account.

навигационни системи позициониране софтуерна оптимизация navigation systems positioning software optimizationEmiliya Dimitrova Svetlin Stefanov


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