Scientific paper ID 2047 : 2020/3

Svetlin Stefanov, Emiliya Dimitrova

With the development of the national railway network as part of the European project for a united Europe, it is necessary to implement a control system for railway traffic management, which allows cross-border interoperability. In order to ensure a higher speed of movement, it is necessary to build a number of tunnels, as a result of which there is a need to track and position the rolling stock in closed spaces.

This report examines and analyzes the possibilities for tracking the rolling stock as it passes through indoor spaces using different distance measurement methods: by signal level, signal phase and signal propagation time. Tracking the railway rolling stock in the tunnels will ensure the determination of the exact location. In case of emergencies and critical situations it will be possible to react quickly and adequately due to the availability of information about the exact location of the rolling stock.

The local positioning system will be a complement to the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and will contribute to higher safety and reliability in the movement of rolling stock as it passes through indoor spaces.

навигационни системи позициониране локализация на подвижен железопътен съставnavigation systems positioning localization of a railway rolling stock Svetlin Stefanov Emiliya Dimitrova


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