Scientific paper ID 2046 : 2020/3

Bozhidar Rozev, Emiliya Dimitrova

An important issue when designing a subscriber access network is the choice of network topology. PON technology allows the application of many technological architectures: point - point, star, tree, ring. After already selected equipment, optical cables and topology, the construction of the subscriber access network is started. The terminal devices of the optical line must be located in a central office. The building must have a very well-developed infrastructure, realized through specially made cable channels and grills, in which the station optical cable to be installed. In the final stage, the calculation of the parameters of the optical components determines the level of the signals in the receivers. The dependence of the power level of the optical signal along the length of the channel is determined by a selected topology. The main power loss in the channels is introduced by the attenuation in the fiber, which depends on the wavelength. This dependence sets the slope in the graphical representation of the power. Attenuation of the signal can also be caused by losses in fiber optic connectors and welds and in optical splitters. The aim of this paper is to build a transmission medium that will allow research and design a network for subscriber access with a topology of type ”star”. The main advantages of this topology are the large range of subscribers and maximum use of free ports.

Топология проектиране на оптична мрежаTopology Optical network designBozhidar Rozev Emiliya Dimitrova


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