Scientific paper ID 2045 : 2020/3

Emiliya Dimitrova, Bozhidar Rozev

The subject of this paper is to design an optical network for subscriber access “fiber to home”. The main task is to use the capabilities of PON technology in order to meet the ments and needs of all private and business users of the network. The current structure is characterized by a well-developed communication system and full telephony of all buildings. This also implies an increase in the generated traffic in accordance with the world trends and creates a need for modernization and updating the existing network. The paper discusses one of the possible ways to build an optical network for subscriber access. PON is used as a basis for the construction of the network, and fiber optic cables will be used for the transmission medium. The PON standard offers a sufficiently wide bandwidth to provide true and secure triple service. The use of fiber-optic cables for the transmission medium of the network is the most perfect and promising physical environment for the transmission of information and communication signals. The transmission of information by means of optical fibers and fiber-optic cable communication lines and networks provides enormous advantages over conventional communication transmission systems using conventional symmetrical cables and coaxial communication cables with copper conductors. These advantages are: very wide bandwidth, low attenuation, low noise, high noise protection, galvanic isolation.

оптична мрежа за абонатен достъп проектиране PON технология РЕПУБЛИКА БЪЛГАРИЯoptical network for subscriber access design PON technologyEmiliya Dimitrova Bozhidar Rozev


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