Scientific paper ID 2035 : 2020/3

Evgeniy V. Kuzmin, Roman V. Petrov, Viktor S. Leontiev, Daria Y. Burtseva, Mirza I. Bichurin, Alena R. Petrova, Andrey V. Zhelannov, Slavcho T. Bozhkov, Ivan K. Milenov, Penko T. Bozhkov

The paper is devoted to the study of the magnetoelectric effect in the multiferroic layered structure of Metglas/GaAs/Metglas based on GaAs semiconductor material and Metglas magnetostrictive alloy. A magnetoelectric structure of Metglas/GaAs/Metglas with dimensions of 20x5x0.64 mm was experimentally studied. The article also provides a theoretical study of the measured structure. All measurements were performed according to previously worked out methods on the measuring stand. Output characteristics are given. The value of the magnetoelectric coefficient in the Metglas/GaAs/Metglas structure reached the value αМЕ=25 V/(cm·Oe) at the electromechanical resonance frequency 480.2 kHz with bias field 30 G. The final part of the article discusses the prospects for possible practical application of these magnetoelectric structures in position sensors.

магнитоэлектрический эффект мультиферроиковая слоистая структура датчик положенияmagnetoelectric effect multiferroic layered structure position sensor.Evgeniy V. Kuzmin Roman V. Petrov Viktor S. Leontiev Daria Y. Burtseva Mirza I. Bichurin Alena R. Petrova Andrey V. Zhelannov Slavcho T. Bozhkov Ivan K. Milenov Penko T. Bozhkov


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