Scientific paper ID 2032 : 2020/3

Lyubomir Sekulov, Irena Bozhichkova, Petko Kostadinov, Martin Zlatkov,

High Voltage Engineering is a subject invariably present in the curricula of the academic departments of Energy Science & Engineering. This calls for illustrating some of the processes, which take place during the operation of high-voltage equipment. In part, these processes could be recreated in a training laboratory with the help of special equipment. High-voltage test systems are an integral part of the equipment of any modern High Voltage Engineering laboratory. The Cockcroft-Walton generator is often used where the use of high DC voltage is d.

The report lays out the process simulation data for the voltage multiplier of the Cockcroft-Walton generator. The value of the no-load voltage and the graph of the cascade charging process are obtained. The load capacity of the circuit at different load values was tested. Record was made of the output current value as at the time of cascade discharge (discharge). This simulated mode is similar to the short-circuit mode. Pulse currents in the order of 1500A were reported for certain values of the cascade capacitors. In real-life conditions, this would damage the rectifiers in the circuit. A test simulation with current limiting resistors was run to obtain normal values of pulse currents. Thus, it becomes possible to design a voltage multiplier for real values and to subsequently construct an actual working prototype. The idea is to use it for high-voltage tests in the future TVN Laboratory (High Voltage Equipment Lab) of the Todor Kableshkov University of Transport. The purpose is to set up a training capacity for practical High Voltage Equipment exercises with students, so as to give them hands-on knowledge of the device and the circuit operating principle, while using the prototype as a source of high voltage supply.

ТВН техника на високите напрежения лаборатория изпитвателна високоволтова уредба трекингоустойчивост пропълзяващ ток пробив изолация изолатор импулсин генератор искроустойчивост дъгоустойчивост.High voltage equipment high voltage laboratory Lyubomir Sekulov Irena Bozhichkova Petko Kostadinov Martin Zlatkov


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