Scientific paper ID 2027 : 2020/3

Petko Kostadinov

Significant advances in modern microprocessor control systems have created new opportunities for creating intelligent electric drive systems. By pre-introduction of certain parameters characterizing the actuator, as well as by the incorporation of artificial intelligence in the control unit, it is possible to increase the productivity (of the electric actuator), leading to higher energy efficiency and reducing the cost of the system.

In line with the increased capabilities of drive control systems, a thorough study of the structural elements is needed, which in turn places higher demands on research and the education quality.

This paper presents a methodology for taking the calibration characteristic of an electrical drive. Calibration is the determination of the sum of the losses in the bearings of the motor used, the losses in the magnetic conductors, the losses in the active resistances of the windings and the losses in the connecting shaft. The test is performed in the entire operating range of the electric motor, and on the basis of the obtained results the calibration characteristic is constructed. Based on it, at a certain load and speed of the electrical drive, the output mechanical power, the efficiency of the electrical drive in the respective mode, as well as its resistance to moment overloads can be determined.

електрозадвижване електродвигатели енергийна ефективност широчинно-импулсна модулация (ШИМ)electrical drive electric motor energy efficiency pulse-width modulation (PWM)Petko Kostadinov


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