Scientific paper ID 2026 : 2020/3

Petar Ivanov

DC/DC converters are a component of different power units. They convert constant voltage into another constant voltage with different value. The main component of their schemes are the key elements that are realized through modern semiconductor elements (MOS or IGBT transistors, GTO tyristors, etc.).

The stability of the output voltage is provided by a control system by continuously changing the ratio between times at the open and closed key. This is quantified by the filling factor of the control pulses. The most common way to do this is to change the length of the time of inclusion at an immutable value of the period. This is the well-known width pulse modulation (WPM). Frequency pulse modulation (FPM) is also possible in which stabilization is provided by changing the switching period. Both ways a generator to be in the control system. There are other control methods that do not a generator also known as control with programmed current or hysteresis control and so on.

This report addressed basic methods of managing the example of a lowering constant voltage converter. Based on the comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods conclusions have been drawn about the most promising type of management. A simulink/Matlab simulation model of the lowering converter is presented through which the processes in it are studied.

преобразуватели на постоянно напрежение; математичен модел; управление.constant voltage converters; mathematical model; Management.Petar Ivanov


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