Scientific paper ID 2025 : 2020/3

Ludmil Popov

Lifting machines and mechanisms with cyclic action, which cranes, are used to lift and move freely suspended loads over a certain distance. The presence of elasticity in the ropes on which the load of a crane hangs, represents a flexible element in the kinematics of the mechanism and determines the mathematical deion of the object, including the oscillating unit. Due to the insignificant friction in the ropes during the load oscillations, the value of the damping coefficient  is insignificant and this determines the very slow natural damping of the oscillations. That is the rationale behind the topic of ”anti-vulnerability protection for cranes” being the subject of much research.

An optimal input impact generator has been developed, which should ensure an aperiodic transient process (no fluctuations). If the previously desired values kj and Tj are known, the parameters of the object k, T and  must be identified at the beginning of each horizontal movement of the crane load. Therefore, the method for operative identification of dynamic objects with fractional-rational transfer function is convenient in this case.

A computer simulation of the object was performed with and without the optimal input impact generator turned on using the Matlab Simulink module. Satisfactory accuracy of identification procedures was achieved.

оптимално управление последователна корекция колебателно звеноoptimal control correction in series oscillating unitLudmil Popov


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