Scientific paper ID 2024 : 2020/3

Vasil Dimitrov, Ludmil Popov

Load-lifting cranes are used to lift and move freely suspended loads. Due to the insignificant friction in the ropes during the load oscillations, the value of the damping coefficient  is insignificant and this determines the very slow natural damping of the oscillations. Thus, the productivity of these lifting gear in cases where precise relocation is d (eg. for construction and machine assembly cranes) is reduced.

Adaptive control allows the synthesis of control systems that can change the parameters of the regulator depending on the change in the parameters of the object or on external disturbances acting on the object. A system for adaptive control with parallel correction (feedback) was created. A computer simulation of the object was performed without and with a parallel correction system for adaptive control using the Matlab Simulink module. The studies are compared with the control of the same object by a generator of optimal input impact.

As a result of the simulation, much better oscillation elimination was obtained compared to the control by a generator of optimal input impact. Practically, a purely aperiodic process was obtained.

aдаптивно управление паралелна корекция колебателно звеноadaptive control correction in parallel oscillating unitVasil Dimitrov Ludmil Popov


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