Scientific paper ID 2020 : 2020/3

Irena Bozhichkova, Martin Zlatkov, Martina Tomcheva

The rechargeable battery is one of the main elements of the electric car. It is a source of electricity needed to power the motor (s). The topic of the report is entirely focused on graphene batteries, as well as trends in their development.

The electric battery is a chemical source of current, whose main specificity is the reversibility of internal chemical processes. This ensures its repeated cyclic use (by charge-discharge) for energy storage and autonomous power supply of various electrical devices and equipment, as well as for providing backup energy sources in medicine, manufacturing, transport and other fields.

The report presents basic data on graphene batteries and a brief history of the invention. The device and the principle of operation are considered in detail with figures and diagrams, as the electrochemical scheme and the chemical reactions, which describe the charging-discharge process, are presented. The chemical compounds and elements of which the electrolyte and electrodes are composed, as well as their device are given. The main parameters for the respective battery are presented in tabular form. Its advantages and disadvantages are described. With the available data, a comparison can be made between the different types of batteries.

Акумулаторна батерия електромобил източник на електрическа енергия електродвигател литиевойонни литиевополимерни графен литий литиево титанатна никел-метал-хидридна оловнокиселинни химически източник заряд-разряд автономно захранване химичниIrena Bozhichkova Martin Zlatkov Martina Tomcheva


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