Scientific paper ID 2013 : 2020/3

Mira Zafirova, Nicolay Tonchev

Foam concrete is concrete with a porous structure made by curing a solution consisting of cement, sand, water and foam. This material has been widely used in construction in recent years.

Winter in Bulgaria is relatively long, lasting from November to March and temperatures drop below zero. In concrete works, low temperatures lead to:

* freezing of water in the freshly laid mixture,

* breach of adhesion between concrete and reinforcement,

* increased pores in the concrete due to the broken structure,

* separation of additives from the cement paste.

In order to counteract the low temperatures, additives are used in practice to accelerate the hardening of concrete or anti-freeze additives. These supplements alone are not enough, so different methods apply.

The ”thermos” method is used for the application of concrete at negative temperatures in order to maintain the strength of the concrete.

The purpose of the study is to derive dependencies on the basic properties of concrete during curing, depending on the average density [kg / m3] and the amount of foaming agent [kg], in the same water-cement ratio.

An Russian database of HITROV Anatoly Vladimirovich, author of the patented method, was used. Tensile strength, flexural strength, thermal conductivity and vapor permeability can be controlled as factors studied..

контрол свойства качество пенобетон метод „Термос“ зимни условияquality control quality foam concrete thermos method winter conditionsMira Zafirova Nicolay Tonchev


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