Scientific paper ID 1991 : 2020/3

Svetoslava Shaparova

In recent decades, economic and social development has been accompanied by an increasing role of ICT in the modern economy. Technological diversity and strong competition for consumer attention have increased consumer sovereignty over the choice of digital media, allowing new ways to connect. The application of digital media to access the necessary information for training and work, to choose and buy products and services, and to communicate worldwide has led to a ”digital revolution”. The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)) is summarizing applicable indicators for European digital efficiency showing that Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark have the most advanced digital economies in the EU, while countries such as Poland, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria have the lowest levels of the index. There are also major differences between EU Member States in the use of Internet services in which people participate.

дигитални медии цифрова икономика интернет услуги роля на ИКТ в съвременната икономикаdigital media digital economy internet services role of ICT in the modern economySvetoslava Shaparova


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