Scientific paper ID 1983 : 2020/3

Emil Jelezov, Kalina Baleva

The report presents results from a study related to the EU`s external aviation policy which covers the regulation of international aviation services and the results based on their impact. The process of transition from bilateral aviation agreements between EU Member States and third countries to EU-level agreements (horizontal agreements) has been monitored. This report analysed the results obtained from three directions of the EU`s external aviation policy, as set out in the Roadmap 2005, including existing bilateral air services agreements between EU Member States and third countries, the development of a common aviation area between the EU`s countries and the analysis of aviation agreements with strategic partners. The main challenges facing the sector in the context of global aviation trends and the resulting future priorities have been classified on the basis of loyal and free competition and maintaining competitive aviation services on strategic international markets. In addition, the basic effects of the EU`s external aviation policy have been identified and assessed as we.

въздушен транспорт външна авиационна политика на ЕС общо авиационно пространство хоризонтални споразумения за въздухоплавателни услуги европейско общо авиационно пространство всеобхватни споразумения за въздухоплавателни услуги всеобхватни споразумеEmil Jelezov Kalina Baleva


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