Scientific paper ID 1972 : 2020/3

Georgi Dimitrov

In the conditions of market economy and European membership the road transport is more and more preferred for the transportation of materials, raw materials and ready products. This is determined by its speed and maneuverability. Only the road transport offers the possibility for cargo transport of packages ‘from door to door’ and as a whole is the most adaptive type of transport and relatively easy it adjusts to the quickly changing ments of the shippers. Its maneuverability allows it to be used for transportation of the freight to and from the railway stations, water ports and airports and makes it a necessary addition to the rest types of transport. The state of the road transport in Bulgaria is of a great importance for the increase competitiveness of the national economy and for the quality of transport service of the population.

The current elaboration follows the development of the cargo road transport of Bulgaria through the last decade. Analysed are essential internal and international cargo transports for a payment as well as transports at own cost. The duration of the reviewed period (2010 – 2019) allows for tendencies to be established in the development of the cargo road transport and this t

товарни превози развитие модернизация автомобилен транспортmodernization development freight road transportGeorgi Dimitrov


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