Scientific paper ID 1967 : 2020/3

Kremena Marinova

Bridge structures vary within certain limits, depending on the type of bridge, the place of construction and technological capabilities. They are one of the most complex and responsible facilities in the transport infrastructure. With these structures, on the one hand, the geographical conditions must be overcome, and on the other hand, the necessary operational qualities of the superstructure must be ensured. According to the method of construction, reinforced concrete bridges are classified mainly as monolithic, prefabricated and prefabricated-monolithic. Their implementation is hampered by the fact that it is necessary to move the heavy structure. This s complete control over the stresses caused in the structure from the beginning to the end of the operation. With the help of various lifting equipment, the necessary control and precision is performed in the implementation of complex activities.

In the developed report the different systems for construction of superstructures of beams and frame bridges are considered:

• monolithic structures of stationary scaffolding,

• installation of prefabricated structures,

• more open construction,

• cantilever construction,

• clock ejection.

The publication also lists some of the bridge structures built in recent years.

мостови конструкции поотворно изграждане конзолно изграждане тактово изтласкванеbridge structures open construction cantilever construction stroke ejectionKremena Marinova


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