Scientific paper ID 1963 : 2020/3

Chavdar Kolev

Eurocode is a new standard for the countries of the European Union, and engineers need to understand its meaning and computing procedures well. The best way to understand new standards is to make the parallel decisions of new and older computing procedures. Down below, it was done a comparative analysis of pile measurement under Eurocode and under the current Bulgarian National Standards. The method of the static load test is in use. The Eurocode 7 decision is taken according to the three design approaches set out in the Standard. One and the same source data are used for the comparison. Results show that the Old Bulgarian Standards are more conservative than Eurocode 7. The reasons for this big difference have been deeply analyzed and highlighted. The benefits of introduced general European Standards for construction design have been assessed too. The Eurocode 7.1 ments for geotechnical design, in addition to the traditional practice, add innovative features such as: introducing correlation coefficients for characteristic piles load bearing capacity, taking into account the number of piles tested and the soil profiles studied, predicting the deformations of the pile foundations to check the serviceability limit state of the structures. Two examples are solved in this paper, which can also serve as a training for engineers and students. The bearing capacity of a driving pile according to Eurocode 7 is defined in the first example and the bearing capacity of the same pile according to the Bulgarian national standard is defined in the second example. The solution to the task for determining the number of driving piles for a foundation loaded with vertical forces based on the results of a static load test according to the Bulgarian National Standard BNS 2419-74 is much more conservative than in Eurocode 7 - A Example.

проектна стойност динамичен пенетрометър земна основа проектен подход натоварване частен коефициент слягане носимоспособност.Pile foundation pile tests design approaches load partial coefficient settlement bearing capacityChavdar Kolev


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