Scientific paper ID 1956 : 2020/3

Antoniya Manolova

In the present work is shared experience from the teaching basic technical disciplines, in particular ”Strength of materials”. The main goal of the training is to help build a foundation and to develop practical skills and habits for solving important technical problems in a number of areas in mechanics of the deformable solid. The students get acquainted with the main theoretical models and tasks related to the behavior of the load-bearing one-dimensional structural elements (planar and spatial) and with the methods for their research. The training in ”Strength of materials” aims for students to master the solution and the compilation of theoretical models (computational schemes) of actual one-dimensional structural elements. This discipline is the first applied-engineering discipline and s from the students motivation and diligent and systematic mastering of the material. There are difficulties in perceiving and understanding the theory and tasks. An approach for presenting the teaching material is shown, aiming to increase the attention of the students, improve the contact with the teacher and increase the quality of the learning process. To achieve these goals, a graphics tablet was used as the main tool for the visualization of the taught material. Some conclusions are made about the use of modern technical tools in the teaching process.

съпротивление на материалите методика графичен таблетStrength of materials methodology graphic tabletAntoniya Manolova


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