Scientific paper ID 1954 : 2020/3

Vladimir Boyadzhiev

This report is devoted to the study of the possibilities for modeling the operational reliability of complex technical objects and their component systems. As a typical complex technical object is considered a lathe cutting machine with digital program control. The specific study is dedicated to the hydropneumatic component system. The tools of graph theory were used to build the model of operational reliability. It makes it possible to in one model at the same time operational failures with different manifestations. The factors and processes that affect the operational reliability and operational efficiency of the site are systematized. The construction of a reliable model of the considered component system through the construction of a graph allows for the subsequent construction of a complete model of the operational reliability and operational efficiency of the whole complex technical object - a fundamentally difficult task. In addition, graph modeling allows for the subsequent application of all the tools of graph theory. The proposed approach allows to build models of operational reliability and work efficiency for different levels of the hierarchical structure of complex technical objects.

моделиране надеждност хидропневматична част граф сложен технически обектmodeling reliability hydropneumatic part graph complex technical objectVladimir Boyadzhiev


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