Scientific paper ID 1947 : 2020/3

Lyudmil Paskalev

From the operational experience in the repair of the rolling stock, we concluded that in the existing methods of operation and repair is inefficient. After a certain period of time, the wagons enter for scheduled repairs, without taking into account their actual technical condition. This prevents the operation of the wagons although they still have a resource before entering for scheduled repairs. The performance of the rolling stock is largely determined by the performance of the rolling

All this necessitates the need to find methods and means that would allow with little loss of time to carry out accurate operational diagnostics of the elements of the axle roller bearings of the rolling stock in order to determine their actual technical condition at the time of the scheduled entry for repair. This must be done through available control measuring equipment and technology that do not high qualification of the personnel performing the measurements.

The purpose of this report is to analyze and propose a suitable technology for rapid diagnosis of the current technical condition of the axle roller bearings when the wagons are scheduled for repairs.

подвижен състав букси и ролкови лагериOne of the main aims of the rolling stock of the Bulgarian State Railways is to increase its operational reliabilityLyudmil Paskalev




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