Scientific paper ID 1944 : 2020/3

Assoc. Prof. DSc Dobrinka Atmadzhova

The reliability of technical systems depends on the condition of their elements throughout the period of operation. The quality of the transport process as a whole, the protection of life and health of passengers, as well as the storage of transported goods, directly depend on the condition of the rolling stock, including the quality, reliability, reliability, durability of the frame of railway vehicles and its constituent elements. The frame as a main element of the car body of freight cars is subjected to all vertical and horizontal, static and dynamic loads. There is a great variety of calculation schemes of frame constructions for covered, open and specialized freight cars. The need to study the strength of the frame-console part of the operation of the horizontal longitudinal loads arise from more frequently occurring accidents with collisions between rolling stock and other vehicles or objects. There is a need for the construction of a frame-console part of energy-absorbing systems and ”crash” elements. This publication discusses various frame designs for freight wagons and in particular the console frame. A strong analysis of existing in operation frame-console structures of platform and open freight wagons and released for installation of energy-absorbing systems is performed. The strength analysis is performed by the finite element method, by modelling with the software product Solid Works.

подвижен железопътен състав товарни вагони рама-конзолна част якостно-деформационен анализ.rolling stock freight wagons frame-console part strength-deformation analysis.Assoc. Prof. DSc Dobrinka Atmadzhova


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