Scientific paper ID 1935 : 2020/4

Boyka Krastanova

Console shelves are ideal for storing long goods such as beams, pipes, profiles, timber and more. They need a simple and strong construction. They have a simple and strong construction. Console shelves allows for cargo handling with the help of specialized equipment - forklifts, electric forklifts, multifunctional operating machines, mobile cranes, cranes and more.

The console rack system in automated storage systems consists of a vertical column with one or two horizontal bases in the base to ensure stability. A series of arms are attached to the vertical column on which the load is placed. The double-sided perforation of the profiles allows the loads to be stacked on one-sided or two-sided principle.

To increase the capacity of the available space, the console system can be placed on mobile bases. The structure of the wheels is driven by integrated motors that move on rails placed in the floor.

The report analyzes racking systems used in automated storage systems, their specific ments, deformations and loads.

складови системи конзолни стелажи устойчивостstorage systems console shelves stabilityBoyka Krastanova


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