Scientific paper ID 1933 : 2020/4

Irena Bozhichkova, Martin Zlatkov

The rechargeable battery is one of the main elements of the electric car. It is a source of electricity needed to power the motor (s). The topic of the report is entirely focused on nickel-metal hydride batteries, as well as trends in their development.

The electric battery is a chemical source of current, whose main specificity is the reversibility of internal chemical processes. This ensures its repeated cyclic use (by charge-discharge) for energy storage and autonomous power supply of various electrical devices and equipment, as well as for providing backup energy sources in medicine, manufacturing, transport and other fields.

Thereportpresentsbasicdataonnickel-metalhydridebatteriesand a briefhistory of theinvention. Thedeviceandtheprinciple of operationareconsideredindetailwithfiguresanddiagrams, astheelectrochemicalschemeandthechemicalreactions, whichdescribethecharging-dischargeprocess, arepresented. Thechemicalcompoundsandelements of whichtheelectrolyteandelectrodesarecomposed, aswellastheirdevicearegiven. Themainparametersfortherespectivebatteryarepresentedintabularform. Itsadvantagesanddisadvantagesaredescribed. Withtheavailabledata, a comparisoncanbemadebetweenthedifferenttypes of batteries.

Акумулаторнабатерия електромобил източник на електрическаенергия електродвигател литиевойонни литиевополимерни графен литий литиево-титанатна никел-кадмиева никел-металхидридна оловнокиселинни химически източник заряд-разряд автономно захранIrena Bozhichkova Martin Zlatkov


[1]. Elektromobili - Rusenski Universitet ,Ivan Evtimov , Rosen Ivanov
( [1]. Електромобили - Русенски Университет ,Иван Евтимов , Росен Иванов )







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