Scientific paper ID 1907 : 2020/1

Nina Tsvetanova Petrova

Due to the continuous increase in the amount of cargo transported, which can satisfy the needs of the international markets and the increase of the processes for handling them, we are specifically looking at intermodal terminals. The article clarifies the basic concepts and classifies the types of transport units involved in the transport of intermodal units (ITEs), the methods of overloading of ITEs, the types of ITEs, technological processes in the manipulation of ITEs, the means used for the mechanization of the terminals, and methods are described. for optimization. Since the dissertation will specifically address the topic of optimization of loading and unloading machines and processes in intermodal terminals, two methods are presented: optimization of routes of container cranes and optimization of the sequence of changing load-carrying devices and crawling of vehicles from cargo vehicles - unloading machines. These optimization tasks are a set of sub-tasks that we subsequently examine in order to achieve satisfactory results with accuracy. Once the tasks are considered, the goal is also defined - optimization of loading and unloading machines and processes in a specific intermodal terminal imposed by the wide variety of machines and processes ineffectively functioning in the transport and handling system.

интермодални терминали товарно- разтоварни машини оптмизацияintermodal terminals loading and unloading machines optimizationNina Tsvetanova Petrova


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