Scientific paper ID 1894 : 2019/3

Yaroslav Stefanov, Ivan Milenov

In this article we examined and compared the parameters of the relatively new MOSFET transistors made on the basis of silicon carbide (SIC) and the conventional MOSFET made of silicon (SI).An evaluation of the properties of the new silicon carbide devices is made, and their advantages in different applications.As a result of the larger energy bandgap of the SIC compared to SI and the lower on resistance of SIC MOSFET,they have a number of advantages over these made on silicon- for example higher breakdown voltage,less power loss in switching mode and lower working junction temperature .The latter means that SIC MOSFET,s will need a smoller area of heat sincat the same load power, which implies more compactness of the units and also less weight.Various applications of the SIC MOSFET are mentioned

транзистори MOSFET Si SiCtransistors MOSFET SIC SIYaroslav Stefanov Ivan Milenov


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