Scientific paper ID 1893 : 2019/3

Hristina Spiridonova

Active filters are widely used in a number of areas - radio, automation, measuring equipment, and more. Among their advantages are smaller sizes and the ability to combine filtration with signal amplification. Sensitivity of filters to changes in the parameters of their elements is of particular importance for the stability of their characteristics. Typically, active filters are more sensitive than their passive prototypes. Therefore, one of the main goals in their design is to minimize sensitivity. From a practical point of view, it is interesting to compare different conversions of active sensitivity filters. The benchmarking of the results determines the realization method that most accurately meets the ments of the filter for the given case and is an important stage in the design of the filter. However, due to the lack of a universal criterion, this task does not have a general solution but is decided according to the particular conditions and ments of the filter. In this work, a sensitivity comparison of active filters with different conversions is made. The statistical properties of the amplitude-frequency esponse of several active filters in the sixth order were studied. For this purpose, the coefficients of approximation were used by comparing the sensitivity of the first and second order filters. Results on the influence of the parameters of the elements on the sensitivity of the filter are obtained and analyzed The results obtained can be used in the design of active filters.

активни филтри чувствителност предавателна функция коефициент на апроксимацияactive filters sensitivity transmit function coefficient of approximationHristina Spiridonova


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