Scientific paper ID 1885 : 2019/3

Emiliya Dimitrova, Svetlin Stefanov

The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides information about location, speed and time that is used by many applications. Practically, all kinds of transport, telecommunications, energy-related and other areas of the economy use satellite navigation systems today to determine coordinates, to synchronize hours, to organize monitoring and to manage objects. The importance of satellite systems is growing with the wider needs of networks and the growing need for users’ mobility. There are many advantages of satellite navigation - they have a high degree of physical reliability, they are independent of the Earth`s infrastructure, they provide a distribution of loads and offer solutions for significant volumes of information on large areas.

Three types of GPS receivers have been tested to illustrate and give a realistic picture of the accuracy and reliability of certain products. This can contribute to specific solutions for the optimization of positioning systems in road transport.

GPS позициониране транспортни средстваGPS positioning transport vehiclesEmiliya Dimitrova Svetlin Stefanov


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