Scientific paper ID 1881 : 2019/3

Lyudmil Popov, Vasil Dimitrov

In contemporary systems for control on various electric vehicles, precise positioning is often d. Then an important role plays the determination of the positioning speed, which depends on a number of random factors. Optimization of the processes leads to a significant increase in the productivity and energy efficiency of the transport vehicles.

There are heavy electrical-driven vehicles (with non-regulatable drive) that collect loads from different sources and deliver them to a specific location. These are the so-called “wagonets” that takes up materials (ore, batch, additives, etc.) and has to deliver them to the blast furnace bore to produce cast iron. The accuracy of positioning is an important condition in such cases, but it depends on a number of disturbing impacts. During the indirect identification of disturbances, the changes in controlled parameters as a result of the occurrence of a disturbance are taken into account. Parameters that can be easily measured using sensors are usually used – current, voltage, displacement, velocity, etc.

In positioning systems, the occurrence of disturbances mainly affects the accuracy of positioning. In this aspect, the aim of the paper is to deduce dependencies that allow for the calculation of object parameters, namely the mass of the wagonet and its movement resistance. A methodology of tests and assessing accuracy is also developed.

позиционни системи вагонетки маса сила на съпротивлениеpositioning systems wagonets mass resistance forceLyudmil Popov Vasil Dimitrov


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