Scientific paper ID 1873 : 2019/3

Vasil Dimitrov, Gulek Nedjib

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the workload of the existing ”Medium-voltage” distribution network in the region of Boyana substation, which necessitates its upgrading, including inspection of the measurement and protection circuits operating since the construction of the substation in 1973. The aim of the paper is to analyze the state of the existing voltage transformers and surge arresters in the energy object, as well as to assess the necessity of their replacement during the substation reconstruction. A methodology for the selection of voltage transformers is proposed, the application of which s modernization in the following aspects: due to the long service life and reduced work security, a replacing the operated voltage transformers ВТМ-10 in the indoor distribution system 10 kV with НК-12 transformers (for transformer connections) and НК-I-12 transformers (за measuring circuits) is proposed. These transformers are made with a laminated magnetic core of high permeability silicon steel. The low voltage winding is wound on the magnetic core and the primary high voltage winding composed of separate sections is mounted over it. The active part is covered with an epoxy resin compound with insulation class F. The proposed methodology can be used in the design and modernization of any kind of installations and systems with voltage transformers.

напреженови измервателни трансформатори разпределителна мрежа СрН електрически подстанцииvoltage measuring transformers MV distribution network electrical substationsVasil Dimitrov Gulek Nedjib


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