Scientific paper ID 1872 : 2019/3

Vladislav Boynovski, Ivan Milenov

In modern cars different types of electric motors are used: collector dc motor, brush less permanent magnet DC motor (BLDC), asynchronous motor, field winding synchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). In the report a comparative analysis of the technical parameters and characteristics of different types of traction electric motors is made. It is indicated that when making a choice of the type of the motor in the following basic ments should be taken into account: specific power (unit weight), torque, maximum and nominal speed, type of mechanical characteristic, efficiency and control. The consideration of all these indicators generally leads to a unique choice of traction electric motor. All comparisons made show significant advantages of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) over all others used in electric vehicles with medium and small power. For high power electric vehicles, electric trucks and electric buses, mostly are used asynchronous motors. In the case of small electric vehicles with limited speed, electric bikes are preferred brush less permanent magnet DC motor (BLDC). These results are confirmed also by the choice made by most companies producing electric vehicles.

електромобили електрически задвижванияelectric vehicles electric drivesVladislav Boynovski Ivan Milenov


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