Scientific paper ID 1858 : 2019/3

Grozdanov T., Nikova E.

The report provides a brief overview of the development of railway construction in the world. The development of the railway infrastructure in the thirties and forties, of the nineteenth century in Europe was presented. The report focuses on the territories of the then Ottoman Empire in the period after the Crimean War of 1856, when the idea of realization of the Rousse - Varna railway (the firs railway in Republic of Bulgaria).

The factors influencing the selection of the route (via Provadia, Shumen and Razgrad, with connection to Bucharest) have been considered and how the idea has been resolved in rivalry with other transport projects: Waterway - Cherna Voda – Kustendza, Raylway Rousse via Stara Planina, Railway Edirne - Provadia (via Bourgas). On 21.05.1864. was made a ”first sod” for construction of two hundred and twenty-three kilometres of iron road, divided into two main sections Rousse - Kaspichan and Varna - Kaspichan. The report provides detail information about building technology and materials used. An overview of the participants in the construction of the railway through the prism of the modern investment process and data on the structural elements of the track and the geometrical characteristics of the railroad, the quality of the drainage facilities and the lower construction, the level of the technological infrastructure and the intersections with other roads.

железопътна линия железопътно строителство концесия договорексплоатация.railway railroad track railway construction concession contract exploitation.Grozdanov T. Nikova E.


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