Scientific paper ID 1849 : 2019/3

Zlatin Krumov, Yuri Todorov

The report is based on the analysis of many literary sources and scientific sources. It gives a sufficiently completed and credible picture of the creation and development of high-speed rail transport. At the beginning is mentioned that population growth is highlighted globally and the objective need to look for opportunities and conditions to meet the needs of people in urban and intercity transport and transport links between countries. The rail system, and in particular the high-speed trains are challenged to meet the massive transport needs of the people in the 21st century and to contribute to sound economic development and the implementation of the current principles of our free movement of goods and people. The history of transport and in particular of rail transport is closely linked to the history of the development of society and the development of productive forces. The technical level and organization of transport are directly related to the level of development of the socio-economic formation. This dependence is justified by the continuous drive to increase the speed of the rail vehicles. Here are the two main areas of work on the world:

- Ensure a road with larger radius of curves and greater security, by improving the way construction,

- Build of traction units with higher power and higher speed.

Full and accurately reflected the speeds achieved from the first 24 miles per hour (38.6 km / h), passing through the original route (the dream-speed in 1829), the 100-mile (160.9 km) / h). The development of traction rolling stock in the leading European countries - England, France, Germany, as well as in the USA and Japan in general.

железопътна инфраструктура високоскоростно движениеrailway infrastructure high-speed trafficZlatin Krumov Yuri Todorov


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