Scientific paper ID 1842 : 2019/3

Nedelcho Ganchovski

The development of engineering calculations software, with classic desktop architecture, s substantial amount of time and investments, tight collaboration of software and engineering experts and support of different computer configurations and operating systems. All these problems are solved by developing an innovative software platform for engineering calculations in the cloud, containing a rich set of mathematical functions, numerical methods, units of measurement etc. They are accessible through specially designed programming language for engineers without special programming skills. The deion of each problem is done through formulas, texts, schemes and simple commands that are translated by the platform into working programs. It generates a user interface for data input, calculates the results and prints them in a professionally formatted calculation notes. The current paper provides a brief deion of the platform`s concept, architecture and working principles. The theoretical foundations, methods and algorithms used to develop the programming language and the platform itself are also discussed.

облачни изчисления формални езици генеративни граматики теория на автоматите транслация изчислимост лексически и синтактичен анализ числени методи мерни единициcloud computing formal languages generative grammars automata theory translation Nedelcho Ganchovski


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