Scientific paper ID 1839 : 2019/3

David Stoilkovski, Penko Tzvetkov Petkov

In the last years of the XX and the past period of the XXI century, the problems with the development of ecological ground transport have gained special relevance. In this regard, electric cars are already considered as potentially necessary, an alternative to conventional ones powered by internal combustion engines. Despite that, the production and operation of electric cars is linked to some still unresolved problems with both technical and economical aspect.

High-performance values of the operational properties of the electric cars are possible to be achieved by applying of technical and validation methods at the stage of the vehicle design and construction as well as by implementation of modern technologies and materials in production. A method for determining the gear ratio of a mechanical reducer integrated between the traction motor and the driving wheels of an electric car has been provided in the work. The gearbox establishes a transformation of the transmission torque. Specific results have been obtained, fulfilling the specified conditions of the electric vehicle.

автомобил електрическо задвижване трансмисия предавателно число динамичен балансcar vehicle electric drive transmission gear ratio dynamic balanceDavid Stoilkovski Penko Tzvetkov Petkov


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