Scientific paper ID 1829 : 2019/3

Dragan Petrović, Milan Bižić

Running quality and running safety are very important parameters of dynamic behavior of railway vehicles. These tests are defined by international regulations UIC 518 and EN 14363. The difficulty in applying these regulations is reflected in the fact that it is necessary to analyze the vehicle-track system. Unlike the period before the adoption of these regulations, where the attention to the quality of the track was not taken into account, now there is a full attention paid to this issue. In addition, it is known that the character of dynamic loads at the running of railway vehicles is stochastic. The measured signals contain unwanted influences (noises) which additionally complicate the analysis of the experimental results. Measuring equipment which performs extensive testing must have the necessary characteristics for data acquisition and processing. This primarily relates to the sampling frequency, filtering, recording, storage and statistical data processing after testing. Accordingly, the paper is focused on the possibilities and limitations of the application of international regulations on the example of experimental testing of wagon for the car transport of DDam.

Железопътни превозни средства релсов път качество на движение безопасност при движение.Railway vehicles track running quality running safety.Dragan Petrović Milan Bižić


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