Scientific paper ID 1817 : 2019/3

Simeon Ananiev Ananiev, Orlin Iliev Kolev

The globalization and digitization of the new era has changed a number of traditional industries and forms of communication. The freight exchanges have seriously changed the look of the European freight forwarding market in a very short period of time. The market has become accessible and open to thousands of consumers and a number of businesses have taken advantage of the transport exchanges and made them their primary channel of communication and source for finding requests, updating and changing the traditional business model. The popularity of electronic transport exchanges is in a steady upward trend, mainly due to access to the broad European market and access to customers from all over Europe.

Electronic freight transport exchanges have become a daily indispensable assistant in the operational activities of carriers and shippers from across the European Union. Through the Internet - based platforms of the freight exchanges, the rapid finding of free car capacity or free cargo has provided a good alternative to the conventional forms of communication in daily freight forwarding, especially in critical situations. In a short span of time, electronic transport exchanges have adapted to market demand, increasing the type of services offered in the most accessible environment (via computer, tablet and / or mobile phone). Electronic transport exchanges are currently evolving to logistics platforms - an integrated tool for planning, requesting, managing, accounting and paying for transport, warehousing and deliveries to the end user. The development of services related to the possibilities for new payment systems - mobile payments, direct / bankless / payments and gradual penetration of cryptocurrencies is also in development.

Логистични платформи електронни транспортни борси електронно разплащанеLogistics platforms electronic transport exchanges electronic paymentSimeon Ananiev Ananiev Orlin Iliev Kolev


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